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Yamaha EZ-220 Keylighting Keyboard


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Weight 5 kg

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Built-In Lesson Function

All thanks to Yamaha’s Education Suite (Y.E.S), you can learn and develop in your own time and space. With the three-step lesson function you can assign, track and score tasks as you play. The nine stages are split into left, right and both handed tasks. Allowing you to comfortably develop each hand for melody and chords, before combining them to perform your pieces. The range of songs included in the EZ220 include varying difficulties for a whole range of classic tunes. So you can enhance your skills in your own time. Challenge yourself with the EZ220!

With the awesome addition of Yamaha’s Page Turner application (for iPad), you can learn and play along with choice of 100 scored piano pieces. And get this! The app turns the scored pages automatically, allowing you to focus on playing the music. And! You can record an audio of you playing and/or singing the music. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Key Lighting Keyboard

The EZ220 key lighting keyboard is fully equipped to start your piano learning journey with you. To make it easy for you. Each key lights up red at the touch of your fingers. The Fingering Guide shows you the correct finger placement for each note, a key component to building proper technique. That way you can monitor your performance with the support of the Yamaha’s incredible visual aid. Every time you play, you will see exactly where your hand is. Clearly labelling your chord and scale shapes. Once you get familiar with the keyboard, you can turn off this function at any time.

Yamaha Voice Library

The EZ220 benefits from a comprehensive voice library. So you can explore a range of sounds and rhythms. Featuring over 400 high quality voices, the EZ220 includes a range of keys, synths, guitars and brass instruments to be explored. Ideal for anyone that seeks to experiment with different genres, or simply add layers to a band. Each voice can be enhanced with the different types of reverb, chorus, arpeggio and more, to add unique dynamics to your playing experience. The EZ220’s library can be easily controlled using the intuitive interface and display guide.

Touch Sensitive Keyboard

The easy-to-use keyboard makes the learning experience as simple as ABC. With a touch-sensitive keyboard system that responds to your style of play, the EZ220 is perfect for an expressive and emotive performance. Integrated with the lesson functions, the keyboard offers you a detailed review of your performance so you can improve your skills. The touch sensitivity on the EZ220 gets your playing closer to a high-end piano.

External Connectivity

Connect directly to your computer or iPad with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. Ideal for use with popular music education, notation and other creation programs.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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